04/02/12  10:00PM
Sir Oz Academy is on course.

We're starting to get a great response from our subscribers. Guitarists are learning things they have never learned before. It is a great feeling to know that the guitar lessons are helpful and satisfying. It can only get better as we add more to the collection. The price is certainly affordable especially to those who pay for the annual plan which is very close to the price of a very popular online movie service that everyone knows about! :)




03/03/12  2:00AM
Sir Oz Academy to launch 03/07/12

After about 15 months of working on and off between touring and recording, I've finally reached the goal and am ready to offer this video library of guitar lessons to the world. I'm really excited about this and I hope many will benefit from it. Last minute bugs are being fixed and a few videos are being finished but I will never stop adding to the library. Every month will see new videos and my partner Greg Hays and I will be upgrading the site more and more as time goes on. On launch day, I will make myself available in a Google+ hang out and I hope to meet lots of people there. My Google+ name is Oz Fox and the email is sirozfox@gmail.com. Come on in and say hello.



12/19/11  11:25 PM
Vinyl Tattoo Performance Dec. 30th - 9:30pm

Vinyl Tattoo will be performing at the 
Las Vegas Coutry Saloon. This will be a great New Years weekend warm up. Check out the updated Vinyl Tattoo website for all the details. Hope ya'll can come!

Oz :)



12/6/11  2:30 AM
Vinyl Tattoo Performance Dec. 9th - 9pm

Vinyl Tattoo will be performing at the 
Las Vegas Rock n Roll Cantina this Friday. We've been rehearsing all year for this and we won't hold back! Check out the updated Vinyl Tattoo website for all the details. Hope ya'll can make it!

Oz :)


11/12/11  12:30 AM
Vinyl Tattoo

Vinyl Tattoo is my all star classic rock band in Las Vegas. The band features Frank DiMino from Angel, Derrick Pontier from Great White, JP Michaels from Kaos and myself. Frank, JP and I have been playing together for almost 3 years and adding Derrick to the line up makes this a unique foursome that will rock your socks! Check out the new band website created by yours truly.

Oz :)


02/15/11 9:30 AM
The Covering Released

This is the big day! It seems like it took forever! But it's finally out...The Covering is now available and it's getting OMAZING reviews! I loved recording songs from some of my favorite bands I listened to through out my life. I only wish we could have done more but maybe we will do another one like this some day. 
Be sure to get the original CD because you will have the cool comic book that comes with it telling the story of a life restored. The 4 angels from the "To Hell with the Devil" album appear to be in the story in a fictitious portrayal of how they help another angel come back from being rebellious. I love it! Check it out soon. Our tour starts in March this year. Check for the schedule at www.stryper.com.

Oz :)


12/16/2010 1:30 PM
Hey folks!

Thanks for checking out my website. I personally have
created this site and maintain it myself. If you find
any imperfections here, you can comment about it at
my Facebook page. I do read your comments but I
cannot always respond. Thanks for understanding.
But I do love reading your thoughts so please keep
them coming. I'm busy working on my latest venture
called "Sir Oz Academy," a subscription website
offering instructional videos for guitar. As soon as I
have a good selection of videos finished, we will
launch the subscription payment page. Stryper's new
album, "The Covering" is due to launch in February
and we can't wait to get back on the road. My Las
Vegas band "Playground" will be performing at the
"Hard Rock Cafe" on the strip on New Years Eve so
if you need a place to celebrate, come join us.
"Hookers: Saved on the Strip" is being aired on
"Investigation Discovery Channel" and there are
several repeats so you can catch one sometime. The
stories are amazing and I'm in it as well. So that's
about it for now. I'll do my best to keep you informed
here so keep checking back.

Oz :)