Over the years Oz has had requests to record tracks of  guitar and vocals for artists
sessions in places other than his town of  Las Vegas, NV. With Oz's home studio,
guitar and vocals can be recorded and sent anywhere via the internet. With the use of 
ProTools, these tracks can be created and sent to you or your recording engineer 
so you can add Oz's touch to the creation. There are no limits now.
But recording is a serious process and must be thoroughly negotiated to get the best
results. Therefore anyone who would like to request recording services from Oz Fox
must be ready to go through the processes necessary to implement the service.
Not all projects will be accepted. If Oz Fox does not feel right about the type of 
music he is request to record for, the project may be rejected. 

Payments can be made with a credit card through PayPal. Fees are subject Oz Fox's discretion.
Availability is dependant on Oz Fox's schedule.

If you would like to request this service from Oz Fox, send a detailed message through
the "BOOK NOW" button below.